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Testimonial #1:
Shopping at King Of Cars BC was truly a joy. We were interested in purchasing a vehicle that was difficult to find. Not only did we find it, but we got it at a price that was better than several we had gotten from other dealerships. This is definitely the way to purchase a car... no hassles, just a very straightforward, customer friendly way to get exactly what we wanted. I should also mention that their finance options were amazing. Thank you!

Testimonial #2:
This was the best experience I have ever had purchasing an automobile. Your specialist was very helpful, as well as the dealership. I enjoyed the easy enviroment, no hassle sales reps that were not pushy and I got the car I wanted for what appears to me to be the best price.

Testimonial #3:
Hey, I just wanted to say thank you again for a job well done. It's about time I felt like a human being when i am looking to buy a car and I had the upper hand in the negotiation process. You saved me more money than I thought was possible. It's true that anybody who is not using your services and knowledge is definitely paying too much.

Testimonial #4:
Hands down the best deal i have ever received, the finance program was amazing. $0 down and low interest, i am amazed, thank you so much for caring about all your customers!

Testimonial #5
Well, here it is.... Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you taking the time to
take care of my problem with the car. I know that you did not have to help me, but you did anyways... Not only do I love my Golf, but I was fortunate enough to have found a most decent person for a car salesman. Hard to find a decent sales rep these days, and i truly mean that as a compliment... May the good Lord bless you with many sales and much health and happiness.